Cafe 290


Cafe 290 is a jazz bar/club based in Atlanta. For over 25 years, Cafe 290 has been internally know as both the most respected and coolest place in Atlanta. This self-directed Identity re-brand is intended to elevate the image of the brand as a venue of mainstream, contemporary, and funk jazz. The proposed identity system re-brand is meant to solidify Cafe 290's image as Atlanta's top Jazz bar. 

1 week 

Design Approach

The design utilizes a Mondrian inspired armature that varies between four different forms using dynamic lines and vivid colors. The varied colors, patterns, and armatures symbolize the off beat and always changing rhythm of jazz. The use of dots and diagonal lines gives expression to the dynamism within this genre of music. The vivid color and changing composition is a visual interpretation of the sounds of jazz. 




Visual Design Elements

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