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Arden's Garden


Arden’s Garden was founded in 1995 in Atlanta and has 13 current stores for smoothies and juices. The current mark is a bit outdated and detached from the brand itself. So in my design I hand-lettered the typography in order to give the brand an identity of a more organic image. And along with the type is a series of illustrations for packaging and promotional items.

2 weeks

Design Approach

Arden's Garden prides itself in using all natural healthy products for its smoothies and drinks. The choice to use a hand-lettered logo is meant to emphasize the company hand crafted items and process.  Using mixed patterns with hand drawn illustrations of the ingredients used helps differentiate them from other smoothie companies. And the use of bright saturated colors paired with a hand drawn logo elevates the brand. As well as gives way to future use of internal store usage with accented colors and patterns.




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